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I wish we could work together again

"As a facilitator, I rarely meet someone who can command a room and inspire people to the level that you do. While working side by side, I was constantly impressed with your organization and insight. I have borrowed deeply from you both as a facilitator myself and as a manager."

Chris B.

Branch Manager



Key Takeaways From Working With Coach Vic

My mission is to inspire the world to be motivated to take intentional action in creating a life on purpose beyond your wildest dreams. 


Check out some of the key takeaways my audiences have shared following an experience with me, Coach Vic.

Still Need More Proof?

Here are some of my corporate clients describing how I was able to serve them and their organizations.


Trey Perkins

Sr. IT Audit Consultant

Brown-Forman Corporation

From one of our black colleagues

"Your boy Coach Vic is the truth!!!!"

"As a co-leader of our black employee resources group, BUILD, we are constantly seeking external perspectives that can energize, motivate, and provide guidance along our career journies. We called on Coach Vic in a challenging time slot to deliver a talk that resonated with our black employee base. He delivered in the way I expected based on our time together on the gridiron....prepared, timely, well-equipped, balanced, energetic, engaging, anecdotal, precise, and more importantly connected emotionally!"

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